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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 6, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news on this thursday, may 6th. new details this morning about the failed attempt to bomb times square. did faisal shahzad practice his plan? we go to his hometown for clues. election day for america's closest ally. polls too close to call. a fragile world economy. and world terror await the outcome. a new report released overnight on potential cancer causes all around us, even cell phones. good morning. thanks for being with us on this thursday. the interrogation of faisal shahzad, continues to yield new conversation information. he waived his right to a speedy
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arraignment. >> this morning, a clearer focus of a bungled bomber, who likely acted alone, after returning from pakistan earlier this year. new details this morning, that faisal shahzad, apparently rehearsed his plan to park a car bomb in times square. authorities say he did a dry run three days before. and the day before leaving the bomb-rigged suv, he left agetaway car in the area. but forgot the keys to that car inside the pathfinder and had to flee using public transit. just the latest signs of a bungled attempt. >> i think he thought these products were a lot more powerful than they actually are. >> reporter: at the pennsylvania store where he bought the fireworks used as a bomb fuse, an executive says shahzad didn't seem to know they lacked real fire power. as for the bomb itself, technicians say shahzad forgot
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to turn on the vovl of the propane tanks. shahzad said he was angry over friends killed by cia missile strikes in pakistan. and that fears for the welfare of his family drove him to carry out the attempted bombing. despite being on the no-fly list, the 30-year-old pakistani-american was able to board this emirates flight due for dubai. his near-getaway is now forcing immediate changes to airport security. now, airlines must check the no-fly list within two hours of flight time, rather than 24. >> the idea that someone would pay cash and just walk on an airplane, particularly when they got their ticket at the last minute, is very confounding. >> reporter: perhaps the most telling detail? when customs officials finally tracked him down onboard that plane, the first thing he said, what took you so long? this morning's "washington post" reports that the u.s. will formally ask pakistan for help investigating shahzad's connections in that country.
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>> investigators especially want to know who gave him the money to buy the suffv and the bomb parts. abc's nick schifrin is in pakistan. nick? >> reporter: jeremy, vinita. faisal shahzad is now being described as a global jihadist. but we've been here in pakistan where he grew up. in the small village. and we found he was anything but a terrorist. friends and riltives describe him as a liberal. a pacifist, actually, who once called the common practice of butchering a sheep for food, cruel. the family was not religious. even going so far as to avoid becoming friends with people with beards. and his family was educated. one sister was a doctor. another sister and his brother, both moved to canada. his american wife had a business degree. but at some point in the last few years, friends say they saw a very different faisal shahzad. one says 18 months ago, he heard shahzad criticize the u.s. for the first time. >> he talked about american policies.
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especially in iraq and afghanistan. >> reporter: and so, u.s. and pakistani investigators are looking into which of the many terrorist groups that are based around this area funded shahzad. and who ultimately turned his anger at the u.s., into the desire to blow up civilians in times square. jeremy? vinita? >> nick schifrin, thank you. and abc's brian ross will have breaking, new elements of this story all week. he'll have an update later on "good morning america." well, it is election day, as the united kingdom elects a new prime minister. with many reasons why today's vote is being closely-watched in the u.s. the winning party will impact the economy, where a million american jobs are dependent on british companies. the winner could decide to draw troops from afghanistan. and could make it harder to coordinate efforts to fight terrorism. sonia gallego is in london where the voting is already underway. good morning, sonia. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy. britons have begun to cast their
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ballots, to choose the prime minister here in one of the most closely-fought races in decades. in the running is current prime minister, gordon brown. he faces a tough fight from conservative leader, david cameron, currently leading in the polls. and liberal democrat, nick cleg. it's been the most unpredictable race in years. all three have been campaigning to the end. prime minister gordon brown have been urging voters to vote for him to keep the british economic recovery going. >> i ask you to come home to labor. >> reporter: the conservative, borrowing obama's electoral slogan have been arguing for change. >> vote conservative. vote to give this country the hope, the optimism and the change we need. >> reporter: and the liberal democrats have seen a huge rise in their popularity. the likes of which have not been seen in years. with no party showing a majority, the country faces a hung parliament, which would force the parties to strike a power-sharing deal.
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that prospect has caused concern for the u.k.'s recovery. as a future government faces a tough economic landscape for the next three years. a hung parliament could also impact the u.k.'s stand on the afghanistan war. the conservatives support the presence there. if that's the case, that would have a major impact on british/american relations. >> seonia gallego in london thi morning. broadcastic wage cuts to save the country from bankruptcy. anger over the financial crisis still intense. the country is mourning three bank employees, killed when their workplace was fire-bombed by demonstrators. here, the dow has lost 338 points in just the last 10 days. that means 401(k) accounts have plunged, too. hundreds of mourners gathered at the university of
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virginia campus to remember a murdered lacrosse player. they told stories about yeardley love. a member of the men's lacrosse team remains in jail charged with the murder. according to the search warrant, george huguely kicked in her bedroom door. immigration rights supporters marched on the arizona capital last night, to protest the state's new law. reverend al sharpton vowed acts of civil disobedience if the law goes into effect. nashville's mayor says flood damage estimates could top $1 billion there. homeowners are going through their possession. it was like a raging river tore through the place. the first floor of the grand ole opry house appears to be destroyed. it could take months before that complex can reopen. now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. wet, wild, wintry weather in the
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plains and northern rockies. large hail, 70-mile-per-hour winds in omaha, kansas city, and des moines today. heavy snow in the western dakotas, montana and wyoming. rain from minneapolis to fargo. showers and thunderstorms in the northeast part of south florida. >> 90 in miami. and 80s from atlanta to new york. 60s in detroit and chicago. and 59 in the twin cities. 59 in bills. 58 in seattle. hot across the south. phoenix will hit 90. dallas, 29. and new orleans 87. ahead this morning, a new study on things all around us, increasing our risk of getting cancer. remember freddie mac and fannie mae? one is asking for billions more in taxpayer aid. and say what? george stephanopoulos gets quite an answer from iran's president.
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well, stocks are down across the board again this morning. investors can't shake their concerns about that growing debt crisis in europe. tokyo's nikkei average plunged 3.3% on its first day of trading this week after a holiday. hong kong's hang seng is lower. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow fell 58 points yesterday. and the nasdaq slid another 22 points. the senate has taken an important step forward, in drafting a financial overhaul bill. lawmakers approved a plan to give the government broad, new powers to break up failing companies. they also prohibit taxpayer money from being used to help failing firms. there's disagreements on the
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overall bill. and debate is expected to last at least another week. taxpayers are still on the hook for mortgage finance giant freddie mac. and the bill keeps growing. the company is asking for another $10.6 billion in federal aid, after losing $8 billion in revenues over year. well, in today's "new york times" tech review, a look at what google's digital bookstore could do for you. google is expected to launch the e-bookstore this summer, putting it in competition with apple, amazon and barnes & nobel. >> if prices come down in one marketplace, they'll come down in other marketplaces, too. if the kinding feels they want to charge $9.99 or $12.99 per book, they have to offer something more in depth than the competitors going up against that are less expensive. >> google hopes to distinguish its service by allowing users to access books from a broad range of devices.
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parents may want to think device before telling their kids they are wasting time playing video games. the 23-year-old from mobile, alabama, just won $1 million playing major league baseball 2k10. the game's maker offered the prize to the first person to pitch a perfect game. >> there's some merit to sitting around and working the thumbs. carpal tunnel. you have 1 million buck, you can pay for the surgery. up next, a surprise from iran's president, where he what he thinks osama bin laden is hiding. and inside the command center where b.p. is working to control the oil leak. and a sea lion's pups precare use plight. and you have a heart attack. that's what happened to me. they said the quick thinking of chewing an aspirin probably kept me alive while i was on the plane. i'm on an aspirin regimen now. my doctor told me it's the easiest preventative thing you can do. [ male announcer ] aspirin is no appropriate for everyone. so be sure to talk to your doctor
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our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop and now, for a look at morning road conditions. icy on i-94 from bismarck to billings today. snow-covered on parts of i-15. wet in des moines, omaha and kansas city. rain and flooding today from orlando to miami.
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also, slick on the northern end of i-95 in new york and new england. if you are flying today, expect airport delays in minneapolis, kansas city, boston, new york and miami. well, a ship carrying a 100-ton containment box is on its way to the source of the oil leak in the gulf of mexico. >> b.p. oil, which is responsible for the leak, hopes the container can be lowered to the seabed and funnel the oil to the surface. most of the spilled oil is still offshore. and if the weather holds, it could stay there for a few more days. >> all of these developments are being monitored at b.p.'s crisis center in houston, where clayton sandell paid a visit. >> reporter: as on out-of-control oil slick goes up along the shoreline. >> i don't know what camera you're looking at. >> reporter: this team is trying to stop it at the source. >> we have 400 people here. these people are working 24/7. we brought the brightest minds here to help us stop this leak. >> reporter: engineer and b.p. executive, bob fryer, is in charge.
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his team works at b.p. headquarters in houston, 430 miles away, from where the deepwater horizon oil rig exploded and sank, killing 11 workers. >> up on the screen here, you have exactly what the r.o.v.s are seeing. >> reporter: on our visit, we saw engineers using remotely-operated subs, to clear the sea floor, preparing the arrival of a giant dome they hope will capture the oil. it's never been dried at this depth. >> anytime you're working at 5,000 feet, you have a water table with 300 psi. it's dark. this is tough stuff. >> reporter: in the meantime, crews continue drilling an emergency relief well to stop the leak. that could take months. >> the backstop is clearly the relief well. but we will stop this. that is for sure. >> reporter: but it will take time. time the gulf region may not have. clayton sandell, abc news, houston. >> while b.p. is working on the major fixes, one volunteer organization has a low-tech way to help the cleanup.
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hair from people and dogs is quite absore want. and when put into pantyhose, can collect oil. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad has been known to say outrageous things when he sits down for an interview. he once said there were no gays in his country. but the claims he made to abc's george stephanopoulos about where osama bin laden may be hiding could be his biggest yet. >> is osama bin laden hiding in tehran? >> translator: your question is laughable. >> is it true or not? >> translator: i don't know. maybe you know. >> i'm asking you. >> translator: i heard that osama bin laden is in washington, d.c. >> you deny that he's not in tehran today? >> translator: rest assured, he's in washington. i think there's a high chance he's there. >> i don't agree. but thank you for your time, mr. president. >> and there will be more of
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george's interview with the iranian president, later on "good morning america." in medical news this morning, a presidential advisory panel says we are under constant bombardment from hidden cancer threats in the environment. many cancers are linked to lifestyle choices, like smoking, many others are caused by ex exposure to pollution, ray don and many medical scans. little is known about the possible risks. the panel recommends that the government do more to protect americans from the harmful effects of chemical, gases and radiation. time, now, for sports. here's mike yam at espn news. >> good morning. we start in the nba. and it wasn't just all about basketball. the phoenix suns rocking their los suns jersey, in honor of the latino community. arizona, of course, passing that controversial law to question people about their immigration status. back to the hoops, though. second quarter. that's amare stoudemire. he had 11 points and 3 rebounds. fourth quarter is where we are.
4:50 am
we were tied at 80-80. garret duffy had 11 points. suns up by four. nash, to amare. 19 points and 5 assists for the former back-to-back mvp, steve nash. suns are up in their series, 2-0 games. to the ice now. bruins on the road in philadelphia. game three. this is the semifinals against flyers. first period. game tied at 1-1. mike richards lays out david krejci. and satan to the net. third period, bruins on the powerplay. recchi to boucher. his 54th career playoff goal. that's the second-most among active players. the bruins move their series, 3-1 games. the blackhawks taking on the canucks. that series tied at 1-1 games. first period, chicago on the
4:51 am
powerplay. the third playoff for him. blackhawks on top 2-0. second period, chicago once again on the powerplay. his second of the game. chicago, they're up 3-1. to the third period. a 3-2 advantage for chicago. marian hossa, back of the net. his second of the postseason. and the blackhawks on top, 5-2. chicago, now leading that series, 2-1 games. that will do it for sports. back to you in new york. >> our thanks to espn. he is not even a year old. but he managed to keep police at bay for four hours. >> a baby sea lion became the main attraction in san diego, after wandering away from the water and making itself a home on a nearby street. under a car, it looks like. the pup waddled under several parked cars including that squad car you saw that. sea world scooped up the sea lion. it will be released and checked out in the open sea. >> imagine when he gets to terrible 2s. >> you think behavior's bad now. just wait.
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now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this thursday. the interrogation of the times square bomb plot suspect, faisal shahzad, enters another day. police say he did a dry run three days before leaving the smoking suv. and it appears he acted alone, after leaving pakistan in february. homeland security secretary janet napolitano, returns to the gulf coast today. she and other administration officials will be there to ensure washington is doing all it can to help the region cope with the oil spill disaster. president obama holding a closed-door meeting today with his national security team, focusing on the situation in afghanistan and pakistan. secretary of state hillary clinton and defense secretary, robert gates are among those expected to attend. and voters in britain are going to the polls. and later on "good morning america," we realize sam champion's dream. he gets to swim with one of
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. under a darkening sky on the day before final exams, thousands gather on the university of virginia campus to remember the life of yeardley love. >> looking where they shouldn't, wait until you hear what police saw after arresting a suspected peeping tom. the old reliables aren't so reliable any more. this story is going to have you cleaning out your medicine cabinet. the stories just ahead and the warning just ahead on thursday morning. thanks for joining us, i am megan pringle. >> and i am jamie costello. wasn't it glorious yesterday. >> it was gorgeous. everything i planned, i was scratching and staying outside. >> here we go. find out if we can do it again. justin berk with the weather. >> today will be a little different. we start off really, really mild. we'll have really strong winds, but we'll still have a pretty decent day to be outside just
4:59 am
not as nice as it was yesterday, probably because of that wind. 65 in nurseville, 67 westminster and morning temperature in annapolis 70. watch to the left, a band of rain pushing through western pa, and some clouds are trying to fillet inner across the morning sky, we'll have strong winds and a chance of an isolated shower, temperatures 60s right now and high clouds rolling in, a band of clouds may take over the sky for a couple of hours around lunchtime and then we clear it out and strong winds get to us 82. they could be gusting over 30 miles per hour. it is 4:59. see what's happening on the roads. at some point we could fill tim brown's shoes. i think that will be -- >> right now. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> not yet, guys. i will let you see them in a little bit. we have a serious incident northbound 95 past churchville towards aberdeen,


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